Hirsch High Class of 1959



Reunion Plans

We are starting to make plans for our 50th reunion which will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday June 11, 12, 13 2009.  I know, I know, that's a long way off, but we really do have to start thinking about it.  To start things off I am going to ask one simple question.  Are you planning on attending our 50th reunion???  We are not asking for a commitment, but rather just trying to get an idea of how many people we can expect.  Your response will help us get the ball rolling so please take the time and forward your answer to me at


Alex (Sandy) McCrae

18406 Pinewood Lane.

Tinley Park, IL. 60477

Phone 708-633-7105



I'd like to thank you in advance for your response, and we will attempt to keep everyone up to date on our plans by sending out another newsletter as things develop.  I look forward to hearing from you and I hope everybody is enjoying their summer.


Don't forget, 2009 is only 4 years away


Sandy McCrae


Missing Classmates

We want to ensure that none of our classmates are left out so, in an effort to locate as many 1959 graduates as possible, here is a list of those that we have been unable to find.  If you recognize any names and can provide information please pass the information on to Sandy McCrae.


  January 1959

Jacqueline Anderson, Marlene Arbuckle, Lee Ayers, Richard Barker, Barbara Barkman, Nancy Brinkman, Sara Brooks, Gail Burk, Jerome Cheatham, Patricia Babitsky Contino, Francis Ann Daniels, Wilburn Dawson, Dorothy Hamilton, Jacqueline Harris, Nancy Biggs Herald, Harriet Hitterman, Ida Jackson, Lucille Karczynski, Dardnella Kitchen, Rosemary Minifee, Ola Mae Montgomery, Mari Ann Moten, Kenneth Nelson, Richard J. O'Connor, Merle Poindexter, Sharon Postlewait, Vincent Rizzi, Anita Ross, Patricia Schneider, Joan Seckle,  Sandra Sekanis, Robert Skinner, Melvana Suggs, Jeanne  Barbara Trotter, Lelianne Maroney Vincent, Olivia Ann Watson,  Veda M. Weathers, Beatrice Williams, Ivy Lee Williams, Thomas Yateman.


June 1959

Arlene Abrahamson, Carolyn Anderson, Joyce Benkowski, Bruce Bennett, Beverly Bosley, Novena Bradford, Verletta Brown, Kathleen Bushelle, Virginia Cairo, Donald Carlson, Bernice Carr, Cortia Catching, Willie Chew, John Copolillo, James Darke, Mary C. Dornan, Thomas M. Dorsey, Sylvia Branch Drake, Beverly Dunham, Jeffrey Elliott, Janet Ellis, Ronald Epple, Susanne Fancher, Raymond Fegruson, Anna Ford, Rosalind Gaston, John Graham, Larry Green III, Phyllis Hampton, Dolphine Harris, Ruth Harris, Judith Heindl, Rosa Lee Hill, Wayne Hopkins, Phyllis Humes, Leone Jackowski, Antoinette Jackson, Von Otis Jackson, David Jensen, William Jimbo, Jacqueline Joyce, Henry Lange Alice Lewis, Rheatta Madden, Henry Matthews, Richard C. Meek, Sharon Mountain, Iris Nagribet, Ashley Offil, Gail Marie Patterson, Lester Peterson, Angeline Petrungaro, Sharon Petus, William Pfister, Yvonne A. Polk, Paul Pompian, Wanda Jean Pruitt, Marie Ragans, Sharon Lynn Rivers, Yvonne Robertson, Joann Rohracker, Emmanual Rucker, Raymond Saller, Bennie Sanders, Sandra Lee Schell, Mercedes Schneider, George Schuman, Anita Smith, Barbara Ann Smith,  Gwendolyn Smith, Cathrine Stockdreher, Shirley Stofer, Dorothy Stram, Melvina Suggs, Doris Swanner,  Barbara Thompson,  Bertha Thompson , Celeste Timba, Barbara J. Vessely, Dianne Waleski, Veda Mae Weathers, Delores West, Athlyn White, Cynthia White, Susan Wilkinson, Patricia

Ann Williams.


Dave’s Thoughts

As you can see, the reunion committee is already hard at work trying to make this the biggest and best reunion yet.  Here is your opportunity to help. 


We would like to establish two (2) funds to which you can contribute now and throughout the next four years.  Sooner would be better than later however, as the more we can plan expenses in advance, the lower we will be able to keep the overall costs.


The first fund would be to help classmates who may not otherwise be able to afford to attend the reunion.  This fund would be for attending the reunion only, not for assistance in travel or hotel expenses.  This fund will be controlled and managed by the Treasurer Hank Till, Special Assistant Julius Gaillard and two other people to be named at a later time.  Those classmates needing assistance can contact the Committee to request full or partial assistance.


The second fund would be for those of you who would like to donate to the reunion fund to help provide for mailings, decorations, mementos, and items to stock the hospitality room.


If you would like to contribute to either, or both of these funds, please mail you checks to the committee treasurer, Hank Till, at 210 Fairport Rd, East Rochester, NY 14445.  Make checks payable to Henry Till and mark them for the appropriate fund, either Assistance Fund or Reunion Fund.


If you would like to prepay for the reunion, you may pay up to $50.00 per person by sending a check to Hank and mark it Reunion Prepayment.  This money will be non-refundable and will probably not cover the full cost of the reunion, but a prepayment might help avoid a financial crunch if you wait till the last minute.


I know 2009 seems like a long way off, but now is the time to make your plans and commit to helping and attending.


Dave Mulvihill